As a Gatekeeper of the Afrakan Nation, I cannot have this kind of fake teaching reaching my people. I want you all to summon all the Elders, Master teachers, baby gurus, and new age speculation specialists for me to know how I stand with you and them right now on this matter, which shouldn't be up for discussion if one had a clear definition of the word 'concept' and 'god.'

Let us turn to the dictionary to give us the true definition of god: god, any of the various beings conceived of as supernatural and immortal.2 an idol.3 a person or thing deified. 4 in monotheistic religion (that is Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), the creator and ruler of the universe; a Supreme Being; a Superhuman Being or Spirit; a divine being, deity, goddess, divinity immortal. superhuman being worshipped as having power over nature and human fortunes, deity.

Now, before there was Allah, Yahweh, Jahovah, Jesus, and Jah of the monotheistic religions, the Abrahamic Faiths, Alkebulanians had and to some extent still, have people with power over nature and human fortunes. Even the Gypsies have fortune tellers. Today you know them as Obah men, Voodoo men, Bono men and they were active in Afrakan spirituality from the beginning of time. Are we to now say those men and wombmen are the constructs of the Christian concept of God?

What about Oludemere and Oshun, did Christianity give the Christian concept of God to those things that were deified with supernatural powers in its divinity? Are you telling my people that Christianity is older than Afrakan Supreme Spirituality? It is this same Afrakan spirituality that defeated all the European army in Haiti. It is those same Supreme Supernatural Spirit that caused the Zulus to inflict the most crushing, stunning and humiliating defeat of the British crack shot army with its latest high-tech superior firepower!

So now you want to take all that away from us and give it to goddamn kkkrackkkers by putting our spirituality under the construct of monotheism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism thereby giving the peckerwoods absolutely power over our Ancient culture that was in existence before the concept and conceptualizations of the goddamn kkkrackkkers.

In less than six thousand years these devil-deities have devoured everything on planet earth and regurgitated it into the evilest entities such as Christians and Christianity, Islam and Muslims, and Jews and Judaism. Yet, you are trying to convince my people who have been practicing spirituality from the beginning of time that God, deity, Goddess, Divinity, Supernatural Powers are purely a Christian (germ) concept, creation, and manifestation.

That ridiculous argument is only going to leave us wide open for these devils to come back later, as they always do, and say: "we civilized you guys. You had no concept of Supernatural Powers. We good Christians gave that to you. We taught you guys everything. Didn't your scholar Rashawn Lee told you that?" The only thing these devils have ever given us is hell and the only good thing we have in store for them is a good ass-whipping.

Look, Terry Sanders using subterfuge, deflection, sidebar to sidestep and switch the discussion, which is: "God is purely a Christian concept, creation, and manifestation" to suit himself will only expose you as a master of manipulation that is using chicanery (a tactic of the kkkrackkkers) to score points to come out victorious in a mundane argument. When you are standing squarely on the principles of Maát one don't need to do that. Exposing your self to the public like that is telling my people one thing, you are not to be trusted.

From the outset, kkkrackkkers, a set of devil-demons, did not set out to tell us anything good about ourselves or to let us know anything good about ourselves. Their propaganda machine was in full effect to demonize and dehumanize the entire Afrakan Race. It started with me agreeing that the Black Wombman is God.

We in the conscious community would not be having this discussion today if the baby gurus and the YouTube new-age speculation specialists along with others who went to YouTube to spread the Black Truth had stated from the onset that it was Pharaoh Pepi is one that illustrated the Black wombman is God on the cartouche with him holding up the universe with its heavenly constellation in the shape of a Black wombman with one of his hand on her breast and the other hand on her vulva.

Pharaoh Pepi indicated in the language of sex: "to enter the Black wombman is to enter heaven and only God dwells in heaven." In other words, when you the Black man enters the Black wombman's vagina, the most sacred and holy place, with your penis, she allowed and welcomed you into heaven as a god, equal partner, and soulmate. When you baby gurus and new age speculation specialists with your blame and beat up on the Black wombman campaign took away that concept of god from us with your god is a purely a Christian concept, creation, and manifestation, what do you leave us with?

Absolutely nothing is what you intend to leave us with! And that I have no intention of going along just to get along and fit in with... First off, Christianity is not older than Pharaoh Pepi. Next, Christianity did not create Goddess Maát. So when you say god is purely a Christian creation, you are telling me and my beloved Black people to accept that Christianity created Goddess Maát with her Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Righteousness and reciprocity!

Rashawn Lee, is it your intention to teach my people this bogus doctrine that God is purely a Christian creation? If that is your intention, then you are only opening the door for this race of devil-demons to ambush us with another attack of " Didn't Rashawn Lee told you we Christians gave to you the concept of God? Rashawn Lee, you are wrong. Please, do not take away from the Black wombman that which you have no knowledge of and do not give it to a race of devil-deities that which they never had any concept of...

In retaliation to this cowcrap "God is purely a Christian concept," I mentioned God Atum=The Sun, God Shu & Tefnut=Air, God Nebertcher=water, God Geb & Goddess Nut=Earth. Google is not going to tell you a damn thing about these Gods in Ourstory. The Job of Google is no different to that of the Bible. It is there to omit, downplay, degrade and demean us or anything in Ourstory. Sun, Air, Water, Earth are immortal and divine and are worshipped as such in every culture of the world except those practicing monotheism (CIJ).

Are you trying to tell me that Christianity gave the concept of God to the native American who used to chant and do the rain dance to the God of water for the rain to fall? To give balance to this world we are in, all of these Gods need each other. One cannot survive without each other. Now, where do we find this word "balance" again? The word "balance" is in the 7 principles of Goddess Maát. Earth is known as "Mother Earth."

In the womb of your mother before, during and after pregnancy there is heat. The sperm and the ovaries had to be at the right temperature before conception. Air=oxygen is supplied in the water to sustain the life for 9 months before all Divine Being (God) came forth out of the water. That is the Black wombman our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors was talking about; a god for bringing forth life. Now you want to take all that away from the Black wombman that which was given to her by Our Afrakan Ankhcestors so that Becky alone will be left with Whorie Mary Mother of God!


The myth and illusion of global white supremacy can, will and must be destroyed by the BLACK TRUTH and we have over one billion Black men to do just that. We have the knowledge – it is in our DNA – to unlock the secret of the true and great Pyramid’s builders - our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors! Ptah Maakhrw Ra Amen, President of LUAN (Guyana) - Defender of the BCC, Elder at APCE, Minister, Gatekeeper and Warlord on the frontline for LUAN=Liberation and Unification of the Afrakan Nation. Amen-Ra!!!!

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