I Am What I Am

July 18, 2018

I Am What I Am


I Am A Zoroastrian

A Baha'i

But Not A Persian.


I Am A Jew

But Not A Semite.


I Am A Buddhist

A Confucian

But Not A Chinese.


I Am A Taoist

A Shintoist

But Not Japanese.


I Am A Hindu

A Jain

A Sikh

But Not An Indian.


I Am A Witch

But Not An Ancient.


I Am An Atheist

But Not Void.


I Am A Christian

But Not A Caucasian.


I Am A Muslim

But Not An Arab.


I Am A Humanist

But Not An Intolerant.


I Am An Agnostic

But Not Uncertainty.


I Am A Rosicrucian

But Not Invisible.


I Am A 360 Degree Freemason

But Not A Member Of The Luxor Temple.


I Am A Qabbalist

But Not A Doubter Of Light.


I Am A Scientologist

But Not Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.


I Am A Spiritualist

A Shaman

A Houngan

A Priest

A Priestess

But Not An Amazon.


I Am An Occultist

But Not A Servant Of Darkness.


I Am What I Am

I Am Ma’at


A Child Of The Divine Light.


Have You Forgotten?

Can You Not See Me?

Let Us Dance

Have You Forgotten?


Come I Will Show You

Have You Forgotten?

You Were Able To Dance Before.


Let Us Join Hands



The Cosmos Is Our Dance Floor

Hold Me 

Embrace Me.

Take Your Rightful Place WithThe Divine

Your Time Is Now Wait No More.




Dance The Dance Of Harmony

Balance Your Essence


Embrace Truth

Justice Welcomes You.


Order Has Laid Your Paths

Through The Cosmos.




Feel The Reciprocal Flows Of Our Energies


The Galaxy Waits In Anticipation Of Your Arrival.


 Child Of The Divine Light


Dance With Me And I Will Remind You Of Your Essence


This Is Your Destiny.


The Triple Leopards Lay In Wait


 Fear Bows In Your Presence


Degradation Fades Into Oblivion


The Fruits Of Materialism Withered


Poisoning All Those Who Consume.


The Cosmos Salutes You


Child Of The Divine Light


Dance With Me  


Re-kindle Your Divine Strengths.


Hear The Cosmic Storms As They Pass


Rise Child Of The Divine Light


Recognise Yourself.


Come From Among


Malevolent Darkness


The Contamination Of Your Essence Is At An End.


Valour Is Your Guide And Partner.


Listen To The Melodies Of The Cosmos


Dance Child Of The Divine Light. 


I Am Here To Remind You Of


Your Divine Essence 


You Are The Child Of The Divine Light.


Claim Your Heritage Your Ancestors Gather To Welcome You


They Are The Endless Chain That Guarantees Your


Strengths And Victories.   


This Is Your Destiny


Fear Bows In Your Presence


Degradation Fades Into Oblivion


Fruits Of Materialism Withered,


Poisoning All Those Who Consume.


Liberate Your Essence From


Malevolent Darkness


You Possess Strengths


Far Above Those Who Challenge You


Let Your Melanoid Essence


Navigate Your Journey Ahead.




Child Of The Divine Light.




The Final Dance Of Your Victories.


Ba  Afrika


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