Never Ever Must We Forget Slavery’s Anguished

Crucifixion Of Our Race

The Crack Of Whips – Gunshots

Heralding The Coming Of The European

Invaders Wearing Masks Of White Skin

Killing Us To The Rhythm Of The Scorching Afrikan Sun

Our Blood Flowing, Flooding Our Land.

We Must Not Forget Afrika Forcibly White Penetrated

Lacerated, Raped In A Sea Of Her Red Blood

White Penetrated Again And Again

Black Man Castrated, Frustrated

Murdered In Our Lands

Whitened Skeletons Giving Mute Testimony

Blood Flowing, Crimsoning Our Land

We Will Not Forge Tour Fleeting Life Expectancy

Europeans Priests And Pastors, Pharisees And Scribes

Blessing The Holocaust - Quoting The Bible

Saying We Are The Sons Of Ham

Giving Permission To Enslave Us And Steal Our Land

Millions Of Us Rotting, Buried Beneath Bloody Seas

Our Skeletons Giving Dumb Testimony

Black Man Castrated, Frustrated

Murdered In Alien Lands

Our Blood Flowing Flooding Foreign Lands

For Trinkets Of The White Man.

Never Ever Will We Forget

Afrika Carved Up To Be Devoured

On The Tables Of Europe

Her Colonialism Blessed By Religious Leaders Of The White Man

Tribalism Heightened, Divisions Strengthened

Mental Slavery Invented

Our Blood Still Flowing For Trinkets At Hand

Flowing, Flooding Wherever You Find He Afrikan

Our Blood Flowing Dying The Streets Of Babylon

As We Die In Their And Our Lands

Poem by Nana Farika Berhane

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