By Sango Omojola

Election don start again for Naija, we see say Oga Buhari don fail well well, people talk say make dem go collect PVC to vote for another party. Some people still dey deceived by APC propaganda. So some people wan vote APC because dem be like people wey mosquito dey bite for outside, but instead make dem run inside, dem go stay outside say dem no get problem

APC lie for the people for their election promises: See as dem lie:

‘Stop all travel abroad at government expense for the purpose of medical treatment’

‘Provide incentives for Nigerian doctors and health practitioners working abroad to return home, to strengthen the health care industry in Nigeria and provide quality care to those who need it’.

But sebi we don see wetin promises go do for us. So why we go trust these same kind of politicians who go promise sey dem go different from Oga Buhari? APC and PDP and Obasonjo na same government, dem no different. Dey behave like say government na their property.

No be to collect PVC alone we need. We need all of us to change the system complete: person wey get malaria wey dey use only paracetamol never ready to treat im malaria until he use drug wey go cure the malaria. We need to become wetin oyinbo call ‘active agents of change’. No be to collect PVC go vote for A or B or C – na to join correct political groups and parties and to hold the political parties accountable and to force dem to do de things wey go benefit the people. Make dem stop to dey give dem self so many allowance, dey steal money; make dem use the money care for the people, give the people jobs, education, health.

Naija Resistance na group our people suppose join to become active agents of change. With our collective power we go let dem know say we no be mumu. Politician no fit promise, make dem no do am if the people dey united for powerful groups wey go fight dem. We need new kind of politics for dis our country, we need new type of people for political power. Una also fit join Awake Nigeria Movement (website) wey dey talk say make people stop thief thief and godfather wey dey run our politics for Naija.

Join Naija Resistance: together we go change our country for better.

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