APC don give us change where the change?

Everywhere you Enter bus na wole pelu Change ( enter bus with your change) you buy apple bros Abeg you get Change? Buy water madam i no get fifty naira Change. Abeg where the change?

Change Don scarce, Progressive Don turn to retrogressive, PDP CCUP go still ccup us inside their own ccup again, We get sixty or more something political parties Yet na APC or PDP go win Elections, WHERE THE CHANGE?

FUELING stations self dey wait make the price Change but BABA no read the petroleum situation well reach change level,

HEALTH sector for change but LONDON HOSPITAL good for PROGRESSIVE PRESIDENT and GOVERNORS all na symbol of Change.

My country people 2019 Don don come, we need to CHANGE the CHANGE and drop the CCUP to join the people's movement make we arrange RESISTANCE make we join NAIJA RESISTANCE MOVEMENT make we fight this political merchants together as coordinated people before them finish our country money.

Make we all ask them WHERE THE CHANGE?


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