Greetings comrades , I hope you all had a great weekend. I welcome you all to Naija Resistance Movement once again. Today i’d like to encourage us as citizens to develop an opening in our heart that accommodate love for the country even though the rulers has failed us in many aspect of governance. It is a duty regardless that we have to do to nation building. We have no where else to call home. We need each to build and move the country forward.

Many have asked if this movement would yield incentives for participants? The answer is NO but here you would be mentally equip in the knowledge of the system which is the power you need , greater than money, to enforce the needful as it is to be in the governing system of our country. We support each other but we don’t share money like the political party does. We won’t buy love for country with money , it has to be willingly given by each citizen.

We also welcome all religion and we don’t discriminate in as much as the religion you practice doesn’t affect the goal that the movement is set for. We’re ‘liberation generation ‘ and that should be the path on which we should walk to achieve the aim of this movement.

The movement is at his nascent stage but not completely and that is why we need to spread the message and get the people to know that we’re on a cause to take charge and liberate our country from the corrupt system that has been in place for a very long time. We are only going to achieve this with our collective effort. A tree doesn’t make a forest and we believe in you to do your path as citizen in nation building.


Comrade Adeyinka

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