Update of ANSA National leadership on the reinstatement and fee hike struggle at the University of B


The Alliance of Nigerian Students against Neoliberal Attacks (ANSA) wishes to express its genuine commendation to the intellectually militant students of the University of Benin whose highly decisive role in this struggle had done a lot in sending a very cold shiver down to the rigid spine of the corrupt administration of Prof. Orunwese of UNIBEN. It is to their dauntless commitment and the solidarity of mass of Nigerian students we owe the recent green light that seems visible at the end of the hollow tunnel of the ongoing struggle.

Picture: The UniBen 5 rusticated by the Professor Orunwense led management of the University of Benin for participating in a peaceful protest against hike in fees!

It should be recalled that before ANSA relocated its National Secretariat to the University of Benin, it has earlier sent a letter to National Executive Council of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU-NEC). The letter which was deliberated upon by the NEC of ASUU at Gombe requested the solidarity of ASUU with the students in the ongoing struggle against rustication of activists and fee hike. Mass meetings of UNIBEN students, Civil Society Organizations, press conferences and several other revolutionary activities had trailed our arrival in Benin. The management of UNIBEN in a desperate attempt to foil some of our activities had us followed by men of the Nigerian Army who ordinarily should be in Taraba or Benue foiling the mass killings of innocent Nigerians by the deadly killer herdsmen. Without exhausting too many words on rhetoric, the combinative actions of students and ASUU had brought us closer to the doorsteps of victory. It came to our notice during the course of several meetings with the ASUU UNIBEN leadership and the Legal Counsel of the victimized activists that management had conceded to the organized pressure of the ever militant mass of UNIBEN students and their resolute Academic Staff Union allies. We were told that the reinstatement of the UNIBEN5 will come into fruition on Monday 12th of February 2018. While we are completely elated by this new trend, we are not also carried away by it. Upon this new development, the National leadership of ANSA convened an emergency meeting yesterday Saturday, the 10th of February 2018. The meeting witnessed the participation of represented members of ANSA National Executive council, mass of students who had traveled into the State to solidarize with the ongoing struggle, mobilization officers of ANSA in all the UNIBEN hostels, the UNIBEN branch executives and mass of UNIBEN students. The meeting expressed serious concerns on trusting in totality any such promise emanating from the 'mouths' of the UNIBEN Management. The meeting was however not dismissive on the need to give the recalcitrant authorities of the institution the benefit of doubt. It is to this end that meeting resolved as follows; *Mobilizations for series of mass actions shall be unveiled if the notice of reinstatement of the UNIBEN5 is not received before the end of the official hours of Monday, 12th of February, 2018* *That all hostel and off-campus representatives of ANSA should prepare the minds of their members on imminent mobilization for struggle.* *The National leadership of ANSA was also mandated to inform its several state coordinators on the need to also be on the alert especially when the revolutionary clarion calls.* A people United can never be defeated! We shall overcome! Signed: *Sanyaolu Juwon* Natl. Coordinator *Femi Adeyeye* Natl. Secretary

Email: ansastruggle@gmail.com

Contacts: 07069543360, 08169053108, 09034245254

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